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A  few months ago I started writing a book. We had a real author come to help us a few times. It was so cool and helpful to have her help. The author who came in was Frances Dowell. The book I created was about a fictional space mission to Mars. I loved to see how much my writing and story grew over the year.

Frances Dowell came in four times to help she has very famous books. Something that I loved was to hear her explain a book because she would always come up with the craziest plots ever. I am linking her bio at the bottom and I highly recommend going to check that out. One of the main things that stuck out to me was what we called a stick and stone problem. I stick problem was just like a small problem that the character could easily overcome but a stone was a big problem. I had a great time working on my story with her and it was a great learning experience.




Frances Dowell bio👇



  1. I really liked your style of writing and the detail that you put into the blog and also into the book that You wrote. Not about the blog but thats an awsome cover.

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