My Book

A  few months ago I started writing a book. We had a real author come to help us a few times. It was so cool and helpful to have her

Window or Mirror

A window or a mirror is a way of describing  a book and how it connects to you. For example, a window is like you are looking into a whole

Daily Habit

My daily habit was stretching every day. I loved this habit so much that I am going to continue it through February. What I loved most about it was that

What Punctuation am I?

What Kind of Punctuation Am I? I think I am a question mark. The reason is I love asking questions. I sometimes might ask too many questions. Another reason is

Daily Habits

It all started 3 months ago. We started planking 3 months ago during Language Arts. It started by doing a 30 second plank and every other day we added 10

Something I Am Interested In

Something I am interested in is basketball. I have been playing basketball for a very long time. It is my favorite thing to do in my free time. I have

Empty Cup Mind

This is my comic about wisdom tales. The comic I chose was Empty Cup Mind. The moral is always come to things with an open mind. I chose this because

My Fully Remote Week

My first week of online school went great! Of course this was not my first week of school but it was my first ever fully remote experience since the spring.

Things I am Grateful For

S Some of the things that I am grateful for… One of the things I am most grateful for is my family. I am so grateful for this because most

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