What’s new in sports?

BASKETBALL This week has been a big basketball week for my favorite sports teams! As most of you know I play basketball for a team in the Woodcroft league. Our

What’s New In Sports

If you watched the Super Bowl, you would probably agree that it was one of the ugliest games that you have ever seen.  The final score was 13-10, Patriots won. 

What’s new in sports?

Its been a great week in sports. For example Duke beat Virginia 70-72. Zion Williamson was the leading scorer then RJ. Now Duke is ranked #2, Tennessee is number #1.If

Whats New in sports?

1.  You have heard of Zion in my previous blog and how he can dunk like crazy! But this dunk was insane he did a full 360 dunk! It was

Duke’s recent games

Last week the men’s Duke Basketball team played Gonzaga. In the very small stadium in Maui it was a great game. For most of the game Gonzaga was up by

My first blog post

Duke has 4 of of the top 10 players in the USA: Zion williamson  Rj Barrett ,Cam Reddish, Joey Baker, and Tre Jones and they also got them to number

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