Daily Habits

It all started 3 months ago. We started planking 3 months ago during Language Arts. It started by doing a 30 second plank and every other day we added 10 seconds. The reason or doing this was to create a habit that we do every day and to keep progressing. We kept planking until we got to 3:30 seconds that was very hard. Then the last day we just went all out and i got to 5:15. On that last day after I got past 3:00 my mindset was to get to 3:30 once I got there now 3:45 then 4:00. I kept going with that mindset and I think it helped me a lot. The reason for that was I kept setting an achievable goal instead of saying I am going or 5 minutes from the beginning.

Now we have started our own daily habit. Mine is to stretch everyday. I am doing this because I play basketball so that will help with my agility and  my vertical. Another reason I am doing this is because with online school and sitting so long stretching can release stress and your muscles can get very tight when you sit that long. I find all of those very helpful for me. One of my dreams one day is to dunk and to dunk you need to have a good vertical. So stretching can help a lot.


  1. Great blog post I think you did a Excellent job on it and I look forward to seeing how your Stretching daily Habit goes.

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