My Fully Remote Week

My first week of online school went great! Of course this was not my first week of school but it was my first ever fully remote experience since the spring. We had a lot more calls than our usual at home day. Although it was a bit hard it was still very fun. I had calls until about 2:00. At my usual at home day I have almost no calls. I also like being able to see some of the other grade in a few of my classes. It was also kind of cool to learn about how to keep a schedule and make sure you don’t miss a call. If you are wondering why we had a random online break its because we wanted to not take any risk by not not coming to school after Thanksgiving. The book I was reading during the break was the Baled of Songbirds and Snakes it was a great book. It is the next book after the Mockingjay you can also see my blog post about it. Now I am reading Class Act. It is the next book after New Kid. I highly recommend it.

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